Saturday, 5 June 2010

Eagle Owl - Little Orme

Great excitement when a report of a Long eared Owl on the Little Orme came through earlier. However on closer inspection the bird in question was a fine Eagle Owl. Unfortunately it was immediately apparent that it wasn't a European bird but of the subspecies 'Subartica' which is found in Arctic Canada. The bird is much greyer than European birds. However, it was still an impressive sight and looked rather wild as it was mobbed by Jackdaws on the middle quarry cliff face of the Little Orme. Unfortunately it seemed to have already taken a liking to he blocal bird life and was sitting on a freshly dead bird with a white belly - Fulmar and male Peregrine came to mind!!

The bird has been traced to Bodafon farm Park and is a female called Danielle. It escaped when thieves broke in to try and steal a chick a pair had laid. Lets hope it's caught soon or we risk loosing a lot of the Little Ormes birdlife over the next few weeks.

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