Monday, 20 September 2010

Even more Lapland Buntings!

Seven birds today just west of the picnic tables at the North end!


  1. Fantastic, do you know if Kelvin or anyone will be trying to trap any of them, to see whether there the same ones all the time or whether there's a big' turn over of them? Would be interesting one autumn to see how many individuals actually pass through if there was/is an effective way of trapping them. Is anyone 'baiting' them down? If so, what with?

  2. Haven't heard from Kelvin. Seed has been put down in a few areas of the limestone pavements Paul, so hopefully they will hang around. I'm sure 20+ different birds have passed through already this autumn and with the peak time usually being the last week of Septemebr we may get a few more yet. You tempted to come up?

  3. Might try and get up the Tuesday? Was gutted that I missed the Pec Sand at Ynyslas today, I was there, doh!! A text would have been nice!!