Saturday, 6 November 2010

Catching up with sightings

Unfortunately due to computer malfunction, the blog has not been updated for a while. Here are the notable records for the last few weeks:-
Today , November 6th - 3 Waxwings by the churchyard, Lapland Bunting in the ploughed field, male Ring Ouzel on the northern cliffs, 4 Crossbill over, 10+ Brambling, 50+ Siskin, 20+ Blackbirds, 4 Fieldfare, Redwing and 4 Mistle Thrushes.

Friday, November 5th - one Lapland Bunting near cemetery and 12 Crossbill over
November 1st - Lapland Bunting
October 31st - Ring Ouzel in sheep fields, male Snow Bunting on the limestones, 3 Lapland Buntings in the ploughed filed and 3 Crossbill over
October 30th - Ring Ouzel in Hawthorns, 30+ Brambling over and Lapland Bunting.
October 28th - 3 Waxwings over and 60+ Bramblings
October 27th - 13 Waxwings - 11 over and 2 Churchyard
October 26th - 12 Waxwings in Hawthrons behind cemetery

Pictures of Ring Ouzel on limestones, 3 Waxwings (photographed by Bob) on wires behind the cemetery and of the perfect rainbow seen today, a symbol of hope that a goodie is yet to grace the headland?

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