Wednesday, 9 March 2011

Eastern Jackdaw - Llandudno

An 'eastern' type Jackdaw was in Craig y Don yesterday on the front wall of the school. It appeared to be a typical Nordic Jackdaw 'monedula'. The bird had an obvious white collar and seemed to have some mottling on the breast. Hopefully the bird will be back and I can get some pictures.

I've had a few of these eastern type birds in the area over the years, including a bird which wintered on the Little Orme which I really wished I had paid more attention to at the time. The first 'official' Welsh record was only accepted last year - a bird coming to nut feeders in Havordfordwest in Pembs. Our next challnge is to find the first Russian type Jackdaw 'soemmerrengii' for Wales - I'm sure they occur here as they reach the near continent.

There's an artcle on Martin Garner's excellent blog about the 3 Jackdaw races which can be or potentially be seem in Britain -

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