Monday, 11 April 2011

'Northwestern Redpoll? ...and today's news

This bird stood out a mile yesterday - it was dark, streaky and big! Thanks to Rob Dowley who forwarded the 2nd two images of the possible Greenland Redpoll. From this you can see the large, bull necked appearance of the bird and the structure was more like a Chaffinches than a Redpoll.

There has never been a record of 'rostrata' in Wales, so it would be good to get opinions form people as to whether this bird has the right credentials. Initial feedbak from birders who live and bird in the Outer Hebs, or have seen them on Shetland has been good.
As for today's news, very few migrants, although the Dotterel was still present and an Osprey flew along Craigside and over the Little Orme at 7.20am.

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