Thursday, 5 May 2011

Cormorant Spectacular!

Each year, both Ormes are lucky to have many breeding Cormorants and Shags. The spectacle on the Little Orme can be quite something as they leave and arrive at their cliff roost sites each evening and morning. At this time of year there is another impressive spectacle - the gathering of nesting material from the roadside fields. A big thank you to Mr Gareth Pritchard who lives overlooking the spectacular Little Orme cliffs and captured the event on camra. One Cormorant even mis-judged its landing and ended up in the road outside Gareth's house! He reports that up to a hundred Cormorants circle above the fields and they swoop down in groups of about a dozen at a time to collect he nesting material. The wonders of bird behaviour....! Diolch Gareth.

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