Monday, 31 October 2011

Early morning Swift causes panic!

A Swift located by Pete Alderson soon after 8am understandibly caused his heart rate to quicken. The bird was flying above the cemetery and against the grey sky was difficult to make out as anything other than a silhouette. Other birders were quickly on the scene and Alan Davies duly picked the bird up flying over the fields to the east of the old cafe. The bird was at eye level and made some very close fly byes. Most factors, including weather and date pointed to the bird being a Pallid, but unfortunately however hard the observers tried, the Swift showed all the plumage characteristics of Common Swift. This must be the latest record of Common Swift for the headland and certainly shows that any 'late' Swift doesn't necessarily have to be a Pallid. Oh well, perhaps next time!
Only other birds of note today were a few Crossbills overhead.

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