Monday, 26 March 2012

Going North, Arriving from South!

This morning saw a wonderful sunrise with calm sunny conditions. Isle of Man (picture above), Lake District and Liverpool were all visible with the naked eye! A female Black Redstart was by the cairn, using the wall as cover, while a male and female Ring Ouzel were extremely mobile, ranging all ove rthe pavements and were seen on and off for an hour prior to 8am. Three Redwings were the highlight for me, allowing great views as they sat on the pavements - true migrants looking shattered from their journey. From what i can see they are Scandinavian birds (good to know we've got two types to look out form know as I'm sure Icelandic birds turn up too). Goldcrest numbers had decreased with only 4-5 present, with two Chiffchaffs still in the hawthorns. Redpolls were still on the move with 40+ birds moving through with 10 or so Siskin. A few Woodpigeon and Magpies were on the move too. Shame I had to leave for work soon after 8am!

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