Sunday, 13 May 2012

Mealy Mêlée - Redpolls everywhere today

Excellent numbers of Redpolls over and on the Great orme this morning. I counted at least 400 birds through, which must have been a fraction of what flew over. At least two fairly standard Mealies were seen - white rumps, tramlines, cheek disks etc, while a number of birds were Redpolls that certanly weren't from around here. My guess is they are from somewhere North West of here - hebridies, Iceland? who knows. Other migrants included two lesser Whitethroats, a Tree Pipit, 40+ Siskin, 13 Collared Doves and 30+ Greenland Wheatear. A Golden Plover called from the fields (Pete Alderson had five Plover - either Golden or Dotterel fly from the fields too). Two male Peregrines gave a fantastic arial display when one wandered into the resident pairs territory.
A nice small Lesser Redpoll - a typical Welsh breeding bird
A large pale Redpoll - presumably a Mealy - it's rump and back had a lot of white.
A large Redpoll with a lot of white in the back. Warm brown tones were replaced by darker tones. Note the butch looking expression.
Two Redpolls seen very early on. For a start not many Redpoll make landfall on the actual limestone pavements but today a few did using anything as a perch. Note the butch appearance, darker tones and the white face disks. The front bird also had a lot of white in the back.
Collared Doves on the move today - 13 logged.
Lots of Greenfinches are breeding in the gorse.
I've never known such a good year for Lesser Whitethroats. They are in full song around the cemetery and one was showing on the limestone pavements today!
What a fantastic display by the Peregrines today - this male saw off another male and engaged in aerial battle - once he saw him off he sat overlooking his kingdom with pride.
Siskins were involved in the Redpoll movement today, but in much smaller numbers.

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