Wednesday, 13 February 2013

Great Orme Patching starts once again

I spent an enjoyable few hours on the patch this afternoon, catching up with my patchwork challenge
I started at the summit and walked out to the limestones picking up a nice Golden Plover on the way. Corvids were in evidence with one field containing 4 Chough, 70+ Jackdaw, 6 Raven, 2 Magpie and 12 Carrion Crows. I also came across an interesting feather which after trawling the Internet I'm quite sure it's Short eared Owl- yellow with brown barring.
Highlight came on my way down whilst scanning the west shore- a gleaming 2nd winter Iceland Gull amongst the 5000+ Herring Gulls at the mouth of the estuary. 4 Lesser black backed Gulls and 30+ Greater black backed there too. I winder if the Iceland is the Llanddulas bird?
Any comments on the feather would be appreciated.

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