Friday, 28 May 2010

Little Terns

Little Terns are always great birds to see and two were just east of the Little Orme this evening. The birds were in the bay and seemed to be eyeing up the fish near the breakwater. Chough, Raven, Whitethraot and Garden Warbler were all on the headland too.


  1. Hi

    I really like your blog and I really love the orme do you know if there are any cottages to rent on the orme or on the westshore as I would really love to make a wildlife documentry about the wildlife that lives there in weekly breaks through the year.

  2. Hi
    There are plenty of Hotels and Guest houses on the West Shore and a few on the side of he Orme. Not many cottages as far as I know but this is one could always e-mail the tourist information centre

  3. I did abit more digging and found this it looks perfect as a base for getting about on the orme early in the mornings.

    Heres a link to some of my videos and sites

    Do you see many dolphins or porpoises off the orme and also are there badgers in the area ?

    Thankyou and I will probly be asking you for more advice and tips for seeing wildlife on the orme and I will probly give you credits as a researcher on the short documentry if It all works out well.

  4. Some lovely footage there ukwiluk.

    Dolphons and Porpoise are fairly regula off the Orme but may take a bit of patience and a flat calm sea certainly helps.

    Get in touch when you're up if you need more info. Happy to help.