Wednesday, 12 May 2010

Tree Pipit and Tornados!

An amazing weather spectacle off the Orme this morning where at least three water spouts appeared offshore. These mini tornadoes lasted for a few minutes before disappearing as quikly as they formed (I will hopefully upload some video footage soon). A quiet morning birdwise but a Tree Pipit was the first I've seen or heard in a week or so. 2 Chiff chaff and a few Swallows were the only other migrants while a group of 4 Chough were notable.
Picture was taken with my phone so don't quite produce the full spectacular effect!

A Willow Warbler was found at the end of the pier by a school pupil from Ysgol San-Sior. After recovering it flew off into Heulfre Gardens none the worse for its ordeal while trying to escape the weather. Hail stones, tornados and bright sunshine all mixed into a few minutes!

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